Scope of manufacturing programme

  • Complete planning
  • Designing
  • Commissioning
  • Erecting the industrial plants

From initial conception to a complete turnkey package, Nappoo offers comprehensive services to see your project through every stage of the development cycle. We offer all equipments and allied machines solutions to clients that are suitable for their use and applications

  • All equipment
  • Allied machines solutions

Complete plants

  • Tyre steel cord products sector
  • Reinforcement strands
  • Welding wire and electrodes
  • Electrical cable
  • OFC
  • I. wire products
  • High strength steel ropes
  • Allied products.

We have specialization in many other sectors involving machines and lines suitable for production of steel wire that has diverse applications, cables for electricity transmission having wide range of designs, configurations, specifications and applications. Cable making machines are competent and do confer with the benchmarks of esteemed organizations.

Fine wire cable having house-hold applications to heavy cables (ACSR, EHV, LT, HT etc..) carrying heavy voltages and current of order of Mega volts. Propagation and impulses transmission through optical fibers found a new way of communication. Critical production technique, close supervision and handling are the challenges which encompasses the communication cable’s manufacturing. Suitable machines for every application is tough job, but Nappoo Hi# Command’s team never hiccups for such challenging projects. Installation of machines for such delicate and high value products have been in our capability. Optical fiber being a necessity for telecommunication companies as a preferred transmission medium caters to their most aggressive bandwidth demands. Optical fibre cable is used across the backbone, aggregate and access networks.

Manufacturing complete plants for

  • PC
  • LRPC
  • NRPC
  • Other concrete reinforcing strands
  • Wire for varied applications

Cable Making plant

Tyre Bead Making Plant


PC & LRPC Plant


Conductor Plant


Rope Making Plant


Tyre Cord
Making Plant

G.I Wire Making Plant


Welding Wire &
Making Plant


General Steel
Wire Products
Making Plant

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