• For ferrous & non-ferrous materials (Non-ferrous materials – Copper, Aluminium, Zinc &
    other alloys Ferrous materials – High Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, Low carbon steel)
  • Rod inlet size range from 2mm to 25 mm dia.
  • Production speed from 2m/s to 7m/s.
  • Rod outlet size range from 0.8mm to 8mm dia.
  • Sturdy and able design for working light and heavy duty rods.
  • Tandem type drawing machine with inclined
    vertical axis
  • For low, medium, high carbon steels and alloys.
  • No. of drawing blocks range from 2 to 18
  • Wire rod inlet upto 24mm
  • Production speed upto 30m/s
  • Excellent Cooling System for better drawability
  • Dust-proof system
  • Drawing blocks size range from 200mm to 1200mm
  • Highly efficient system
  • Can be configured with CDS technology for high level of automation
  • Complete range of equipments consist of modern automation for higher productivity
  • All dry type drawing machines can be manufactured as per European rules & regulations which adhere to CE marking.
  • Horizontal tandem type machine
  • Drawing portion of each block totally submerged in
  • For Aluminium, Copper, Zinc & alloy materials
  • No. of drawing blocks range from 4 to 16
  • Wire rod inlet diameter upto 25mm
  • Production Speed upto 45m/s
  • Finished wire outlet diameter upto 0.6mm
  • Highly Efficient and energy saving equipment
  • Drawing block size range from 300mm to 650mm
  • Complete automation level can be configured
    with the machine based on customer demands
  • Machines can be manufactured as per CE norms
    & standards of DIN, ANSI, ASME, BIS, ISO, JIS
  • Horizontal tandem type machine
  • Ideally suitable for Aluminium and Copper materials
  • Continuous flowing lubricant to all capstans
  • No. of wires per row range from 4 to 12
  • No. of drafts per row upto 35
  • No. of rows & configurations can be achieved as
    per customer’s demands
  • Capstan size range from 82mm to 135mm
  • Drawing Speed upto 38m/s
  • Inlet wire diameter upto 2.5mm
  • Finished wire diameter as small as 0.05mm
  • Sound proof system
  • Energy Efficient
  • Higher output
  • Operator friendly
  • Higher output
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